15th Evolutionary Biology Meeting – Marseilles, France

From September 27-30, 2011, evolutionary biology experts will congregate in Marseilles for the annual evo bio meeting.  Check out the conference and register to participate now.

Come if you are a student, researcher, or otherwise interested in:

Evolutionary biology concepts and modeling, biodiversity and systematics, comparative genomics and epigenomics (at all taxomic levels), functional phylogeny, environment and biological evolution, origin of life and exobiology, non-adaptative versus adaptative evolution, “minor” phyla: their usefulness in evolutionary biology knowledge, or convergent evolution.

The view from Le Club de Vieux Port, site of the conference's opening dinner


About Maria Iliakova

Medical school hits you like a ton of bricks flying out of a water hydrant. Excuse the metaphors and let's explore some really interesting things - - Health informatics - Mobile health - Bioinformatics - Using data effectively Why? Healthier lives + Better outcomes
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